Monday, October 22, 2012

Wait...I Meant to Write That Down

     I can't begin to say how many times I've sat down to write something witty only to be interrupted by life.  Somewhere along the way, I've realized I'm a horrible "blogger", but a halfway decent writer.  I have been published, which last year sounded so impressive, but now?  Eh?  So are many people.  I can't take it all too seriously...and yet I am glad I wrote.

     So what's my beef tonight?  I suppose lately, when I've had the time to put my brain to work and actually have had the courage to write, I realized something.  It takes a working brain and courage!  I've scanned many a blog and many an article, story or book and every single one of them takes courage.  The ability to feel that putting your thoughts out there is worth a look from someone else.  I guess that's why journals/diaries are so important.  Many want to put thoughts into words--not everyone wants them to be read.  I think that's where my brain is--writing so much, but holding it in my mind, my heart.  I really mean to write it all down, but alas, it takes that extra ounce of courage.  I suppose I need to go in small increments, baby steps, if you will and learn to share much more than I am usually willing to share.  If you'll read it.  Only and always, if I think someone will actually read it.  That, I imagine is what most true writers feel, if you believe that what you wrote down is worth reading, not just by yourself, but by someone else.  So tell me, did you read this?  This time, I meant to write it down, I did, and now I invite you to read it.