Sunday, May 13, 2012

Storm's a'blowin

     According to a March 1, 2012 post by in Louisville, KY, about 130 tornadoes had already rolled through their region with many more predicted for the upcoming season.  They attributed it to not enough snow or cold weather during the winter months.  I can believe it.  We had a mild winter here in the Northeast and although I love the early blooms and green grass, I can only imagine what July and August will hold for us.  I dread the long, humid, hot summers that befall us after a mild winter and the calls for limited water usage and danger of brush fires.  It is all a delicate balance from year-to-year. 

     Last night, I was privileged to perform in a benefit concert for some of the victims of the mid-west tornadoes and their early onslaught this year.  We had a small, intimate offering of music from some local, but oh-so-talented musicians that raised money to be sent to the relief efforts there.  I can only imagine what a horror it must have been for the people there.  To hear the rush of wind or the absence of sound prior to its hit is not only terrifying, but awe-inspiring.  We are so small in the scheme of life and these events bring us to our most base self.  I think (and I say this in my currently standing house, so maybe I know nothing) as we are laid bare, as a community is laid bare, we are at our strongest.  In that moment of terror and the after effects, we are provided a strength unlike any other.  We are able to draw ourselves up and start over again.  At least, that is what I try to do and if there are others that at that time are not able to do so, I try to help them stand again.  This is what we tried to do last night and hopefully our little bits will blow to them and perhaps, fill in a crack or two in the foundation of their new lives...