Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wisdom and our mothers...

On a cold winter morning I took a leap of faith in myself as a writer and poured out a memoir about my three mothers.  It was a painful and yet necessary undertaking for me.  I wasn’t sure where the words would take me as I never am sure where they will go.  I resist the urge to put things down in writing even though my brain cranks the stories out night and day.  I assume most writers are more than willing to put words to paper once they are formed, but mine seem to need time to simmer on the back burner of life until they slurp forth from the “pot” they boil in.
                I wrote an essay and entered a contest in early 2011 that resulted in my story being published in “Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughter’s Memories of Mother” edited by Kate Farrell.  It is a wonderful compilation of 25 authors looking for meaning and truth in their relationship with their mother.  This has since been published and is a wonderful book for all, especially mothers and daughters to share.  I’ve also been privileged to guest blog for them and moved to read about the other women with rich stories to tell.  I would urge anyone to purchase a copy for their own Mother’s Day gift or for the simple joy of sharing in the many ways we love and live with our mothers.
                Share with me the gift these women have brought to paper.